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Test Management

Test Case Management is an integrated testing solution that leverages the capabilities of Jira, a popular project management and issue tracking tool. It provides a comprehensive platform for managing test cases, test plans, test execution, and test reporting within the Jira ecosystem:

Here are some key points to understand about test case management in AgileTest:

  1. Test Plan Creation: Test plans serve as containers for organizing and managing related test cases, test suites, and test cycles. You can create test plans based on specific releases, features, or testing objectives.

  2. Test Plan Scope and Objectives: When creating a test plan, you define the scope and objectives of the testing effort. This includes specifying the features, modules, or areas of the application that will be covered by the test plan. It helps to clearly define the testing goals and ensure that all relevant test cases are included.

  3. Test Case: AgileTest provides a comprehensive test case management where you can create, organize, and link test cases to your test plans. Test cases capture the steps, expected results, and any additional information needed for executing the tests. Within a test plan, you can associate relevant test cases to ensure comprehensive test coverage.

  4. Test Suite Organization: AgileTest allows you to organize your test cases into test repositories. Test suites group related test cases, making it easier to manage and execute them as a cohesive unit. You can create multiple test suites within a test plan, each focusing on a specific aspect or scenario of testing.

  5. Test Assignment and Execution: AgileTest integrated seamlessly to Jira which enables you to assign test cases to individual testers or testing teams within a test plan. Testers can then execute the assigned test cases and update the test execution status directly within Jira issues. AgileTest provides a user-friendly interface for executing tests, capturing test results, and logging any defects encountered during testing.

  6. Test Progress Tracking and Reporting: AgileTest allows you to track the progress of your test plans, test executions, and test cases through visual indicators and reports. You can monitor the execution status of test cases, view test coverage metrics, track defects, and generate reports to communicate the testing progress and results to stakeholders.

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