In the Roadmaps list page create New Roadmap button

Fill in the details

Type: Roadmap type, currently only features timeline roadmap is available ( more types such as Release timeline roadmap, Release plan roadmap, component roadmap will be available in the future )

Projects: Jira projects which provide data like issues, versions, etc

Title: Name of the roadmap


Start date and End date

Admin role: assigned users and groups will be able to manage the roadmap

Mode: privacy mode, public roadmap is visible to all users, private roadmap is only visible to invited users

Fields Mapping

Start date and end date of the roadmap can be mapped with the Jira fields when creating a new roadmap or edit after that

Turn on the setting and select date fields to map. Please notice that the mapped fields must present on Jira issue screen if not that issue type can’t be planned on the roadmap.


  • Admin role: allow granting board admin permission to Jira users or groups

  • Mode: public board is visible to all Jira users, private board is only visible to creator and invited members

Board creator and admins can edit the details after creating in Settings