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Prioritization Feature

The prioritization feature in Routemap is a powerful tool that can help product managers make data-driven decisions about which features or projects to focus on. By using the scoring, ranking, and prioritization matrix features, users can quickly identify the highest value items on their roadmap and ensure that they are prioritizing their work effectively.

Scoring - Prioritization Table

With the scoring feature, users can assign a numerical value to each item in a roadmap based on a specific set of criteria. For example, a user can assign a score based on factors such as potential revenue, customer impact, development effort, and strategic fit.

Prioritization Matrix

Routemap offers a prioritization matrix that allows users to plot items on a two-dimensional grid based on their value and effort. This can help users to identify high-value, low-effort items that should be prioritized.


The prioritization feature in Routemap is designed for collaboration. Multiple users can access and contribute to the prioritization process, making it easier for teams to align on priorities.

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