The Prioritization table list the tickets and prioritizing fields (more fields will be supported in the future release). User can filter, sort and edit prioritization, currently Routemap support Value-Effort and RICE prioritizing methods, custom method will be supported soon which allow users to configure their own methods.

To access Prioritization table, go to Routemap board and open Prioritization table tab


1: Change the prioritizing method

2: Fields view settings, users can select or deselect the fields appear on the table

3: Refresh the table

4: Full-screen mode

5: Settings


Prioritizing table supports searching for issues

Basic search by issue summary, project, Issue Type, Status and Assignee

JQL advanced search by Jira Query Language


To sort items in the table, click on the up or down arrow icon next to the field name to sort


Select the prioritizing method from the available list

All the prioritizing fields present on the table by default, you can edit their values to priority the tickets

RICE: Users provide values for Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort the Score will be calculated by the formula:

Value-Effort: User provides values for Value and Effort, the Score is calculated by simply dividing the Value rating by the Effort rating