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User settings

User settings allow user to customize how the roadmap renders.

Admin settings

Board creator and board admin configure the settings of the board

Board details

After created some details can be edited such as projects in the board, board title, description, start data and end date


  • Admin role: allow granting board admin permission to Jira users or groups

  • Mode: public board is visible to all Jira users, private board is only visible to creator and invited members

Fields mapping

Start date and end date can be mapped to Jira date fields

The mapped Jira fields must be configured in Screen of the issue type, if not the planning feature won’t work for that issue type. You can confirm the status of each field against issue type in each project.

Option “Migrate data from Routemap app to Jira fields” if checked it will copy all the existing date values from Routemap to Jira fields accordingly.

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