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STEP 1️⃣. Vote 👍👎

At this stage, all groups of reflection cards from the GROUP stage are displayed. All meeting participants vote on the topics that are most interesting and necessary to discuss by clicking on the plus ➕ or minus ➖ button on the top right corner of each topic.

🔈 Note: Only the meeting facilitator can configure the votes at the VOTE stage. There are two types of vote settings:

  • Votes per participant 👤: The maximum number of votes one participant can vote for all topics.

  • Votes per group ✅: The maximum number of votes one participant can vote for one group

For example of the following settings, we have: Each participant can vote at max 5 votes at all and max 3 votes per group of cards.

STEP 2️⃣. Ready and Move to next stage 🔔

Similar to the previous stages, normal participants (not the facilitator) can click the READY button once they have finished voting.

Then the facilitator can click on the NEXT button to move to the DISCUSS stage.


Read Discuss for more detail.

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