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The sprint retrospective is a key part of the agile process. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how well we execute our sprints and what needs improvement in the next one. The team should set out a small, committed moment after each sprint to reflect on how they are doing and discover methods to improve.

There are multiple ways to perform sprint retrospectives, but it always includes some common activities. AgileBox’s Retrospectives features help you and your team conduct the session effectively and fun.

Create and manage sessions

Retrospectives page

The Steps

  • Reflect: in this first step, all participant brainstorm and list up their opinions about what have done well, bad and what need to be improved. You can’t see opinions from other members at this step, only when everyone is ready and the session facilitator proceed to the next step

  • Group: team works together to group similar opinions into groups

  • Vote: all participants vote for each group created from Group step

  • Discuss: team use the live chat box to discuss on each group, create task and assign accordingly

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