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1.4.65-AC Release notes

We're pleased to present TeamBoard ProScheduler V1.4.65-AC


New features

Import to Gantt from Microsoft Project file

If you have a complex project in MS Project. Instead of recreating it manually in ProScheduler, you simply import the file, and your Gantt chart is instantly populated with all your project details.

Allows users to directly import MS Project files (file formats: .mpp, .mpt) into ProScheduler’s Gantt charts, streamlining the transition between project management tools.

Bug fixes

  • The rows are misaligned on Gantt.

  • The time log in Teamboard is not updated after editing the work log in Jira.

  • Get all planned issues when fetching projects on the general index page.

  • The setting of Gantt is not saved after migrating the hierarchy structure.

  • Error of displayName when editing an issue on the right panel.

  • Value 0 is not displayed on Gantt/Timeline.

  • Cannot undo to unplan the task."

Help Center

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Your feedback is valuable and appreciated!

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