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What is Baseline?

Gantt baseline is a snapshot of the current positions of tasks and milestones in the Gantt timeline, which can be placed alongside the chart at a future date. You can use the baseline to compare the current state of Gantt with the state at the time the baseline created

Create a baseline


  • Click on the Baseline and select New baseline then enter the name and create


Enable baseline

  • Click Baseline and find the baseline you want to enable and select it

  • Deselect the baseline to disable it

When a baseline is enabled you can confirm the baseline bars on the Gantt timeline

In the screenshot the gray thinner bars are the baselines, you can customize the color in board settings.

Baseline Setting

Configuration options to customize WBS Gantt chart feature.

Gantt setings can be found in Board SettingsGantt

Baseline color patterns: configure the color of the baseline bar, default is gray

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