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Portfolio Management

What is a Program for Portfolio Management?

A program is a group of related projects that are managed in a coordinated way to achieve a common goal or set of goals. It's a higher level of organization than a single project and involves multiple projects that are aligned and integrated to achieve a common objective. The purpose of a program is to provide a structure for managing a portfolio of projects that are interrelated and that together deliver benefits that individual projects cannot

Access programs

Go to Team Board Resources from the Apps menu and choose Programs tab

Portfolio Management.png

Programs page

  • View the programs in list view or grid view


  • Search program by title

Filter program

You can filter out the programs using basic filters

  • All

  • My programs

  • Others


Create new program

  • Click on the New program, a dialog shows up to create a new program board from group of projects

In the dialog you can choose to add projects to the board, unlike the project board you can combine many different projects to form one program.


Delete program

You can click on x button to the right of the program to delete it

Update program

You want to change the name of the board/project. Just click the cog button



Add more projects to a Program

If you want to add projects after the program has been created. Select the add project button next to the update program button

Remove the project from the Program

Work on program board

The Program board provides similar features to the project board, you can access:

 Manage Resource | Planning Time | Project Planning | Time Logging | Reports & Metrics

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