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Time Logging

What is Time Logging?

Time Logging, often a key component in project management and personal productivity, refers to the practice of recording the amount of time spent on different tasks or activities

A board allows the user to log his/her time on the scheduled tasks, plan time off

Project admin, App admin, and Jira admin can also create/modify/edit Timeoff on behalf of other members

Log time in ProScheduler board

To log time, go to the tab Timelog

Log time in ProScheduler board.png

If you have scheduled tasks in the period just simply enter the time and click log to log your time.

You can also log time for task which is not scheduled by clicking on the white space in the cell, a dialog will show up so you can log working time or time off


Choose task from the dropdown box or click on + button to create a new task.

Log time in issue details

User can log time in the issue details screen without going to ProScheduler board

These actions are only applied to Cloud edition, for Server/DC edition ProScheduler integrates natively with Jira Worklogs, you just need to log time in Jira and it is synced to ProScheduler

Open the ProScheduler timelog panel

Click on Add Timelog to log time

If you replaced Jira builtin Time tracking provider by ProScheduler then you can log time using the Timelog tab in issue details screen

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