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Project/Portfolio Calendar

What is a Project/Portfolio Calendar?

A Project/Portfolio Calendar is a tool used in project management and portfolio management to visually represent the schedule of multiple projects or the activities within a project portfolio over time

Additionally, the calendar view allows managers to easily see the summary of tasks scheduled within an hour, making it perfect for efficient scheduling and oversight.

Planning Task

You can easily drag and drop tasks to schedule them using the issue box, Plan new tasks and edit task options directly in the Calendar View. Plus, you can now filter issues by the user, or use quick filters for an even more streamlined organization. View more

Auto-sync to other board

Your task planning is always up-to-date across the Schedule Board, simplifying the management of your team's workload. Auto-sync task planning with the Timeline and Gantt Chart also makes it easier for managers to manage project timelines.

Project/Portfolio Calendar in TeamBoard ProScheduler

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