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Overview of Project/Portfolio Calendar

The Calendar View is a feature commonly found in project management and scheduling software like TeamBoard ProScheduler. It provides a visual representation of tasks, events, holidays, day offs or deadlines organized by date, typically displayed within the framework of a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom period calendar. This view helps users and managers see at a glance when specific activities are scheduled to occur, their duration, and how they align or overlap with other planned events.

A Closer Look at Your Schedule.png
  1. Switch to previous/next day, week, month: Easily switch between previous or next day, week, or month to view your schedule.

  2. Project/Portfolio Member: Choose to display individual tasks in project or portfolio management

  3. Today's Scroll: Scroll through today's agenda and tasks at a glance.

  4. View Selection: Choose between Day, Week, or Month views to best suit your planning needs.

  5. ICS Export: Export your tasks and appointments to the ICS feed for integration with external calendars.

  6. Advanced Filtering: Utilize quick or basic filters for refined search.

  7. Issue Box: All issues are compiled in the project.

    1. Basic search

    2. JQL (Jira Query Language) Search

  8. Refresh Page: Update the board with the latest data.

  9. Full-Screen Mode: Expand the view for better visibility.

  10. View Settings: Customize the appearance of the calendar view.

  11. Board Settings: Adjust board configurations as needed.

  12. Expanded Overview Task: View more tasks, events, or holidays, ensuring no detail is overlooked in your planning

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