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Workload Management

What is Workload Management?

Workload management is the process of assigning work to an entire team in a way that distributes the load optimally among the available resources.

The Workload View

The Workload View provides a comprehensive overview of resource utilization. Users can easily toggle it On or Off by clicking this switch.

The workload is calculated based on the capacity and scheduled time. In the cell it shows the total number of scheduled hours with the corresponding colors

  • White: zero workload

  • Blue: not full workload

  • Green: full workload

  • Red: overload




  1. Expanding to View Task Schedules: You can expand the view to see detailed task schedules.

  2. Planning Tasks: Click on a cell to plan additional tasks.

  3. Scheduling Tasks: Tasks can be scheduled by dragging and dropping cards, as well as resizing them to fit the desired timeframe.

Workload View Setting

Go to App Setting → General


Change the display of workload on the scheduler by hour or percentage

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