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General Settings

All the miscellaneous settings of the app

  • Workload view: change the display of workload on the scheduler by hour or percentage

  • Prevent planning tasks on holiday: when this setting is enabled scheduling task on the weekend and holiday is not allowed, weekend and holiday will be excluded from the reports

  • Default scheduled hour: The default number of hours per day when scheduling a task

  • Assignee Field

    • Auto fill Jira assignee field: if this setting is ON, when planning a task the app will also update the Assignee field in Jira issue

    • Keep assignee when un-planning a task: this option is only appear when the above one is turned ON. If is ON the assignee field remain unchanged when un-planning a task from member

  • Sync with Jira estimation fields: if the setting is ON the schedule will be synced with Original estimate and Time remaining fields

  • Date format: The date format appear in the app, choose to use Jira’s date format or default one

  • Default event marker color: The default color of the Event card

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