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Product FAQs

What platforms does TeamBoard TimePlanner support?

TeamBoard TimePlanner supports both Cloud and Data Center deployments, offering flexible solutions to fit different organizational needs.

What support options are available for TeamBoard TimePlanner users?
What is different between Proshcheduler and TimePlanner for Jira?

ProScheduler is focused on resource planning and project management, whereas TimePlanner is focused on time tracking, capacity planning, and cost management. Read this article for more details.

How to Access TeamBoard feature via API

We do not expose our API at this time, sorry that we can not fulfill your request. However, we are discussing and considering exposing REST API in the future. 

Is TeamBoard ProScheduler integrated natively with TimePlanner?

Yes, TeamBoard ProScheduler is integrated with TeamBoard TimePlanner. This integration allows users to manage their schedules and tasks seamlessly within Jira, combining the advanced scheduling capabilities of ProScheduler with the robust time management features of TimePlanner.

Please visit here on how to integrate it.

How to get har file and console log?

Please find this article for more details How to get har file and console log

Can I add many different holiday calendars and see all holidays in schedule view?

Absolutely! Our app allows you to create personalized holiday schemes, seamlessly integrating all holidays into one convenient schedule view. Please visit here for more information

Can I filter out only the accepted time logs displayed on the TimePlanner report?

Yes. In the report, our app supports filtering the displayed time log data on the chart with options: accepted time logs, rejected time logs, or pending time logs.

Can I view all the resources who have been assigned to a task in report?

Yes. TimePlanner offers an engaging feature - Hierarchy Report, providing users with a comprehensive overview of resource allocation. Users can easily see all assignees working on one task together.

For additional questions, create a ticket to our support desk, and we will assist you as best we can


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