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Request Leave

1. Initiating a Leave Request

  • Open the Planning Dialog: Click on any date on your calendar or select a range of dates that you plan to take off. This action opens the 'Plan Issue' dialog.

  • Navigate to 'Request Leave': Within the dialog, you’ll find a tab labeled 'Request Leave'. Click on this tab to proceed with your leave request.

Request Leave.png

2. Specifying Leave Details

  • Select Leave Dates: Choose the specific day or range of days for which you're requesting leave. You also have the option to specify particular times if you're not taking a full day off.

  • Choose Leave Type: From the dropdown menu, select the type of leave you are requesting. Leave types are predefined in the Leave Settings by an admin, offering options such as vacation, sick leave, personal leave, etc.

  • Choose an Approver: Select the person who will approve your leave request. This is typically your manager or a designated approver within your organization.

3. Submission and Approval

After filling in all the necessary details, submit your leave request for approval.

Once your leave request has been approved, it will be visible on the Schedule Board. Approved leave will be clearly marked, ensuring transparency and allowing for easy adjustment of project plans and resource allocation.

Leave request will be displayed on the team board

Key Points to Remember

  • Leave Settings: Admins can customize leave types in the Leave Settings, ensuring that the options available reflect the policies of your organization.

  • Approval Process: The selection of an approver is crucial. Make sure you choose the correct individual to avoid delays in the approval process.

  • Impact on Workload: Approved leave will affect the workload view, adjusting the availability and scheduled hours for the team member on leave.

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