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Team's Timesheet

The Team's Timesheet feature in TeamBoard TimePlanner offers team leaders a way to monitor their team members' work log hours and actual workload. This guide will walk you through how to access and use the timesheet reports for individual team members, allowing for a comprehensive overview of time spent.

To see this tab, the current user needs to be a Team leader.

To set a member as a Team leader please refer to this guideline

Team - Team leader

Accessing Team’s Timesheets

From the “Timesheet” drop-down menu on the sidebar, choose “Team’s Timesheets.”.

This option is displayed exclusively for team leaders.

Viewing a Timesheet of a Team Member

  1. Use the search field to locate your team. Ensure that the team you select is one that you lead.

  1. Select a specific team member from the list provided.

  1. Choose between viewing "Submitted time" (time that has been logged and submitted for approval) or "Time on Timesheet" (time that has been logged but not yet submitted).


  1. Adjust the date range to focus on a specific period you're interested in reviewing.

  1. Once all fields are set, the member's timesheet will appear, showcasing the detailed time log information.


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