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Goal Admin Setting

Goal Mapping feature is now available!

  • If your board is big, we do not recommend you use this feature.

  • If your board has a complicated association between goals and epics, we do not recommend you use this feature.

General introduction

What is goal mapping?

Currently, Jira only supports three levels for issues. ( Epic → Story/Bug/Task → Subtask ).
In the story map, we can support four levels for issue ( Goal → Epic → Story/Bug/Task → Subtask )

Previously, the goal in the story map was stored in the app database; users couldn’t search for anything about the goal on Jira.
Now, we have released a new feature; users can map goals with an issue type, and use a link type to mark the relationship between goals and epics.

Now you can plan your project with four levels of issue. Any changes in the relationship between goal and epic are shown through the issue link. You can check by opening the issue dialog/page.

How to use this feature?

Create a new issue type to map with the goal

  1. Team-managed project:

  • Go to Project settings → Issues types → Add issue type

  1. Company-managed project:

  • Go to Project settings → Issues → Types → Actions → Edit issue types → Add issue type

Create a new link type

This one will mark the relationship between epics and goals. (Jira admin Permission is required)

  • Go to Settings → Issues → Issue Features→ Issue linking → Add New Link Type

Open the Story Map & turn on the Goal Mapping

  1. Go to Admin SettingsGoals setting

  2. Turn on Map Goals with Jira Issue Type option

  3. Issue type: Select issue type mapping with goals

  4. Link type: Select issue link type mapping with goals

  5. Save: Save the setting

Once saved, all relationships between goals and epics may be lost. Make sure you know what you're doing. We do not recommend this action if your board is currently big.

  1. Migrate: Migrate data

  • Select existing issue & map with the goal

  • Create a new issue & map with the goal

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