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Version 1.0.0

We are excited to announce the release of Portfolio Project Management Version 1.0.0!

Release Highlights:

  • Gantt features:

    • Inline edit

    • Dependency link

    • Auto scheduling

    • Baseline

    • Critical path

  • Portfolio management:

    • Connected multiple boards

Gantt features:

Inline Edit

Quickly make changes directly in the Gantt chart view. No more navigating away from the chart to update task details, enhancing your workflow and saving time.

Easily establish and visualize dependencies between tasks with simple drag-and-drop actions. This feature helps in identifying relationships and dependencies, ensuring a smoother project flow.

Auto Scheduling

Our new auto scheduling feature automatically adjusts the dates for all your tasks as changes occur. This dynamic updating keeps your project timeline realistic and achievable.


Set and compare baselines within your Gantt chart to monitor current vs. planned progress. This critical feature allows you to track deviations and make necessary adjustments to stay on target.

Critical Path

Identify the critical path in your project with enhanced visibility, helping you to focus on tasks that directly impact the project timeline. Prioritize and manage these tasks to ensure timely project completion.

Portfolio Management Features

Connected Multiple Boards: Seamlessly integrate several project boards into a portfolio view. This provides exceptional oversight capabilities, enabling effective tracking and management of multiple projects at once.

Learn more about Portfolio Management

Thank you for choosing PPM as your trusted Project Portfolio Management solution. For any assistance or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Enjoy managing your projects with us!

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