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Manage Test Execution

Table of contents:

1. Manage Test Execution

In order to manage test execution details, and its associated Test Cases click on Issue Key link from the Test Execution list

The page shows the following information:

  1. Milestone: Link to the Milestone feature

  2. Overall Execution Status: The execution status for all the tests

  3. Total Tests: Number of tests

  4. Add tests: Add new tests to the current Execution

  5. Issue key: Link to the Test Jira issue

  6. Run: Run the corresponding test

  7. Action: Remove the selected test out of the current Execution

2. Add Tests

You can add a new test or existing tests into the current Test Execution by clicking on Add tests button

2.1. Add a New Test Case

  1. Click on Add tests -> New Test

  2. Fill in necessary information of in the Create issue dialog


  3. Click Create button

2.2. Add existing Test Cases

  1. Click on Add tests -> Existing tests

  2. In Select Test Cases dialog, you can search test cases by name, filtering with fields, or using JQL

  3. Select all matching test cases and click on Add selected

3. Execute Test

In order to execute a test, click on run button of the corresponding Test


This will navigate your to test execution details page with the following info

  1. Preconditions: List of preconditions of this test

  2. Steps: List of test steps

  3. Result status: Result of the test. It can be In Progress, Passed, Failed, Blocked, Query, Skipped or Retest

  4. Return to Test Execution: Navigate to Test Execution Jira issue page

  5. Previous Test: Navigate to the previous test case

  6. Next Test: Navigate to the next test case

  7. Test information: Includes number of test cases for the current test execution, and percentage of cases that have passed

  8. Defects: Create new defects issue or add existing ones (from the same project or different projects from the same instance)

  9. Evidence: Attach files as evidence to improve testing process.

Test Executions.jpg


Quick tips: Keyboards Shortcuts
Users can quickly toggle test cases in between one executions:

  • By pressing combo ‘

SHIFT + , you can move to the next Test Case.

  • By pressing combo

'SHIFT + ’, you can move to the previous Test Case.

Should you need any assistance or further AgileTest inquiries, contact here!

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