The feature allow user to report asynchronously and keep track of team reports.


The feature is not available to be used until project admin or Jira admin initiate it.

To initiate go to Project, AgileBox on the sidebar and find Daily Standup tab

Enter the basic info including

  • Name

  • Description

  • Meeting link

  • Meeting time

  • Repeating days

Edit questions: there are 3 basic questions by default, you can edit, add new question or remove

The last step is to select participants, only selected users can input and see team reports

Work on daily standup

After initiating, participant can input daily report, browse past report.

Answer the questions in the form.

Brow the history report using the navigator or select specific date on the calendar

Participants also can see team report with update from all team members

Browse the past reports using the navigators or select a specific date on the calendar