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Initialize a new daily standup meeting

The feature is not available to be used until project admins or Jira admins initiate it.

To initiate go to Project, AgileBox on the sidebar and find Daily Standup tab. Then click on the Start a new daily standup button


⛔️ NOTE: Only project admins and Jira admins have the ability to create the daily standup for the project. If you do not have these permissions, you will see the following notice:


Now, the admins will fill out the form to initiate the standup meeting. There are 3 forms to be filled:

Form 1️⃣. General information 📋


There are some basic information for admins to provide:

  • Standup name (required)

  • Description

  • Meeting link (if any)

  • Reporting window (unit: days): The maximum number of days that can be reported in advance (Set 0 to disallow). Let’s take the example of reporting window is 3 days with the working days are from Monday to Friday, the participants can update the daily standup for today (Friday) and 3 working days ahead (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

  • Time: the time for participants to update their status daily

  • Working days (required): The days to work in a single week

  • Enable Team Mood feature: Allow the team to express their current mood Team Mood

Then, click the Next button to move the second form.

Form 2️⃣. Questions ❓


At this form, admins create/edit/remove the questions for participants to answer in order to report their daily status. There are 3 default questions.

Each question has the following information including:

  • content of the question,

  • description for more detail of the question, and

  • option for participants to attach the Jira issues to the question.

You can add more questions by clicking the + Add question button at the bottom of the question list.

Form 3️⃣. Participants 👥

The last step is to select the participants, only selected users can input and see the team reports of the daily standup meeting.


Finish up ✅

Afterward, the admins can click on the Create button to complete the initialization process. This will redirect them to the main page of the daily standup meeting, which will appear as follows:


Process the daily standup meeting 🗓️

Read Daily Standup for more information.

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