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Global Planning Poker

­čĺî Introduction

AgileBox's latest feature, Global Planning Poker, revolutionizes how agile teams estimate and plan work across multiple projects. Designed for teams using Jira, this feature extends the capabilities of traditional Planning Poker by allowing simultaneous estimation across various projects or boards within your Jira instance.

Global Planning Poker ensures a seamless and efficient estimation process, even when handling multiple, interconnected projects. By integrating almost all custom fields, it offers unmatched flexibility, catering to your team's unique planning needs. Whether you're managing a single project or juggling several, Global Planning Poker is tailored to enhance your team's planning efficiency, making your Agile process more cohesive and streamlined.

Embrace this new era of Agile estimations with Global Planning Poker and transform the way your team collaborates and plans.

­čÄ» Purpose of Global Planning Poker

The primary purpose of Global Planning Poker is to streamline and synchronize the estimation process for teams handling multiple projects. It aims to bring efficiency and coherence to planning sessions, particularly in complex environments where teams collaborate on interconnected projects.

­čöĹ Key Features of Global Planning Poker

  • Multi-Project Estimation: Facilitates simultaneous estimation across various projects or boards, enhancing planning efficiency.

  • Custom Field Support: Integrates almost all custom fields from Jira, providing flexibility to tailor the estimation process to specific project needs.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with an intuitive interface to ensure ease of use and effective collaboration among team members.

By leveraging these features, Global Planning Poker empowers teams to conduct more comprehensive and efficient planning sessions, ultimately driving better project outcomes.

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