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Planning Poker

➕ Create a Planning Poker game

Step 1️⃣. Open the form to create a new game 🧾

There are 2 ways to open the form to create a new Planning Poker game:

Method 1. From the main dashboard 📊

In the main dashboard, move the issues which you want to estimate to the PICKED TO ESTIMATE column and click Create game button in the top right of the column.

Method 2. From the Games tab 🗂️

Move to the Games tab in the top right menu tabs and click to + New game button.

Step 2️⃣. Fill the information 🖊️

After that, fill out the information of the new Planning Poker game as following and click the Create button.

  • Game name (required)

  • Date and time

  • Countdown Timer: time to estimate each issue

  • Description

  • Field to write the estimation: the custom field to stored the estimation points of the issues in the game

  • Deck type: from 1.1.4-AC version the app support other deck types than Fibonacci type

  • Issues: add more or remove issues into the game

  • Teams: the teams which can join to estimate the issues

  • Participants: your teammates who will join the poker game

Step 3️⃣. Modify the game (edit/delete) in needed ⚙️

After creating, you can see the game in the game list in the Games tab as below and will be able to join, edit or remove the game.

🎮 Join a Planning Poker Game

Find the game from the game list and click Join button, it will direct you to the game screen.

Gamelog 🗓️

Show all information of the game, including: total estimated point, game name and date/time, list of online users and the issues to estimate as below:

Estimate 📝

To access the main page of the game, click on the Estimate tab:

There are 4 areas:

1️⃣ The issue information which includes the issue summary, description and custom fields (Jira admin can decide which custom fields are displayed from Custom fields).

2️⃣ The poker list: the list of poker cards for participants to pick as estimation point of the issue.

3️⃣ The issue list: the list of issues for estimation of the game. The game monitor can pick any issue of this list to start estimating.

4️⃣ Live chat: chat session between participants of the game.

🔖 Estimate an issue

Step 1️⃣. Pick the issue to estimate 📍

The game monitor chooses any issue from the list on the right side of the screen to start estimating.

Step 2️⃣. Start estimating

Click on the START button on the top menu.

Step 3️⃣. Pick the card 🧮

Estimate the story point based on personal opinion and pick the suitable poker card.

Notice that participants can pick another option (by choosing another card) or remove their current choice (by re-clicking the chosen card) while the timer is still counting. Everyone will be disabled from choosing when the timer is up.

Step 4️⃣. Submit the story point ✅

When the timer is up or the game monitor clicks on the FINISH button during estimation, the vote results will be displayed.

The game monitor is the one who decides the final story point of the result and submits it.

Step 5️⃣. View results 📋

After estimating issues, the game monitor can review the result by clicking on the Gamelog tab again.

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