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Auto Scheduling

Configuration for WBS Gantt feature, the board-level configuration can be found in the Board settings

Auto scheduling: When enabled, this setting will automatically readjust the start and end dates of successors based on predefined dependencies with predecessors, ensuring a controlled and efficient work sequence.

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Project Board Setting

Customizing the auto-scheduling feature for each project within the programs to meet the unique configuration needs of different projects.

The auto-scheduling feature in the program doesn't work for linked issues if one of the projects is disabled.

To customize the Auto-scheduling: Select your Program > Open Board Settings > Go to the Gantt tab > Auto-scheduling program

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Program Board Setting

Support adjusting the lag time in the Gantt chart

Support adjusting the lag time between tasks directly in the Gantt chart when auto-scheduling is ON.

When auto-scheduling is enabled, changes in lag time are automatically applied across linked tasks to maintain accurate schedules.

  • Click on a dependency link, and then add lag time to it

Support adjusting the lag time in the Gantt chart when auto-scheduling is ON..png

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If changes aren't reflected, ensure that auto-scheduling is enabled.

  • Verify that the tasks are properly linked via dependencies.

  • Refresh the Gantt chart to apply any pending updates.

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