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Team Planning

What is Team management?

Team management refers to actions, strategies, or methods that bring a group of people together to work effectively as a team and achieve a common goal. Many tasks require multiple people, so teams are an essential building block to productivity.

Teams Page

  • Go to AppsTeamBoard ProSchedulerTeam Page to manage Team.

  • View Teams in List view or Grid view

  • Filter Teams: You can filter out the Team for easier search : All , My Team , Others

    • My teams for the teams having you in member list.

    • Others for the teams not having you in member list.


Create a new team

Click Create a new team to create a new team

Add member to Team

Add member to board: Search people by name and click on the result to add

Edit Team: You can also edit name


Delete Team

Click on X button to delete team.


Remove member from Team:

Move mouse on member name, click X to remove the member from the list.

Move member’s position

Move the mouse in the button as show below to drag and drop the team table to the desired position.

Move member’s position: You can change the order of members in the list by drag&drop the card.


Task Scheduling for Teams

Planning Time | Time Logging | Reports & Metrics

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