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What is Time Logging?

Timelog refers to the process of recording and tracking the time spent on various tasks, issues, or projects.

It allows users to log the time they spend working on specific tasks directly within Jira, providing insights into project progress, resource allocation, and team productivity

How to Log Time in TimePlanner Board

Users can log in and submit his/her time on the scheduled tasks. The resource manager can also log time and submit on behalf of other members

To log time, go to the tab TimesheetTimelog 

Timelog Details

  1. Time View Range: this allows you to adjust the time frame for the tasks or events you're viewing

  2. Start Timer quick button: Press this button as you start a task and your work duration will be recorded automatically.

  3. Logging Time: If you have scheduled tasks in the period just simply enter the time and click log to log your time.

  4. Start Timer: Start track of the time spent on each specific task

  1. Time Log: This is your record of all logged time

  2. Submit TimeSheet: Submit your timesheet when all tasks are completed.

Log time

You can also log time for the task which is not scheduled by clicking on the white space, a dialog will show up so you can log working time for the task or event

Log working time for the task

Choose a task from the dropdown box or click on + button to create a new issue

Log working time for the event

You can also track time for a specific task in Jira issue detail page

How To Log Time on Issue Detail

Firstly, access specific issues where you want to log time in Jira and then open the TeamBoard TimePlanner panel.


Then click on “Add Timelog” where you input the time spent on them. Once you have entered the time, click the “Logtime” button to save the time log for the issue.


Start Timer on Issue Detail Panel

Click “Start Timer” to record a task or event in real-time. Once you stop the Timer it will be saved based on your current day.


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