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Manage Test Case via Test Plans

Table of contents:

1. Manage Test Plan Details

In order to manage test plan details, and its associated Test Cases and Test Execution, click on Issue Key link to navigate its Test Plan Details.

2. Add Test Cases to Test Plan

In Test Plan Details screen, you can manage associated Test Cases by adding new or existing ones

 3. Create a New Test Case

  1. In Test Cases tab, click on + Add test case -> New Test Case

  2. Fill in necessary information of in Create issue dialog


  3. Click on Create button

4. Add from existing Test Cases

  1. In Test Cases tab, click on + Add test case -> Existing Test Cases

  2. In Add test cases dialog, you can search test cases by name, filtering with fields, or using JQL



  3. Select all matching test cases and click on Add selected


3.1.3 Reorder Test Case

You can reorder associated Test Cases within Test Plan feature

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