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Team Planning

The Team Planning solution in TeamBoard TimePlanner equips team leaders and administrators with an essential toolkit for effective team management. Central to this solution are the team boards, which serve as a visual and interactive hub for overseeing all aspects of your team's work.

Accessing Team Board

  1. Open your team list in the “Teams” section.

  2. Click on "Team board" within the team that you would like to view its board. This action will navigate you directly to your team's board, revealing a comprehensive view of your team's activities and planning tools.

In the block-by-block view

In the listing view

Overview of Team Board

The team board is divided into five key tabs: Member, Dashboard, Schedule, Cost, and Report. Each tab is tailored to provide detailed insights and management tools for different aspects of team planning.

1. Member Tab

  • Purpose: Displays a list of team members, allowing for easy management and customization of your team structure.

  • Customization: Refer to the Team List Guide for instructions on adding, removing, or editing team member details.

2. Dashboard Tab

  • Purpose: Offers an overview of your team's workload, scheduled tasks, and a visual representation of time logged and tasks scheduled through bar and line charts.


Workload overview on the team’s dashboard


Task-scheduled summary of a team displayed on the dashboard


Time report on the team’s dashboard

  • Functionality: Detailed instructions on navigating and interpreting the dashboard can be found in the Dashboard Guide.

The information displayed within the dashboard is exclusively related to your team.

3. Schedule Tab

  • Purpose: Provides an overview of the team's task planning and enables the task creation or assignments to team members.


  • Planning Tasks: Consult the Task Planning Guide for a step-by-step process for scheduling and managing tasks.

4. Cost Tab

  • Purpose: Gives a comprehensive overview of the planned costs for projects, resources, and clients related to the team.

  • Cost Management: Refer to the Cost Management Guide to understand what cost management is and how to manage costs in TimePlanner.

5. Report Tab

  • Purpose: Compiles and displays reports on workload, time logs, and planned tasks, offering critical insights into team performance and efficiency.


Customizable team report


Hierarchy View of a team report

  • Usage: Refers Report Guide to maximize the report function in TimePlanner.

Important Notes:

  • For Team Leaders and Admins Only: Remember, the Team Planning feature is exclusive to users with team leader or admin status, ensuring you have the tools necessary for high-level team management.

  • One Team Focus: The information and tools within Team Planning are dedicated solely to managing one team at a time, providing a focused approach to team management.

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