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Planning Task

This feature is only available when the date fields are app data and not mapped to Jira fields. When mapping with Jira fields, it must follow Jira’s specifications; only 1 assignee is allowed. To set up this, visit the Date Fields Mapping Setting Guide.

In TimePlanner, there are four primary methods to schedule a task on the schedule board.

Schedule for Members

1. Clicking on the “New Plan” Button:

Click on the "New Plan" button to activate the Planning Dialog.

Within this dialog, you have the option to search for and select an issue to schedule on the board. Ensure you adjust the Assignee, Capacity, and Start/End dates for the task to tailor it to your project's needs and resources accurately.

2. Using the Issue Box:

  1. On the schedule board, click the "Issues" button to open the Issue Box.

  2. Enter the desired issue key or summary in the search bar to quickly locate the task you intend to schedule → For a more targeted search, you can also filter issues by Projects, Assignees, Issue Types, Statuses, and other criteria to find exactly what you're looking for.

    Planning tasks via the issue box.png
  3. Drag and drop the located issue onto the appropriate spot on the board for scheduling or assigning/reassigning tasks to other members.

search for issues within a project.png

Issues searched by the project

3. Clicking on a Specific Date or Range of Dates:

For a more direct task-planning approach, click on a date or select a range of dates on the calendar to open a dialog. Within this dialog, you have two options:

  1. Plan for an existing issue by searching for and selecting it.

  2. Create a new issue, then add this issue as a plan to the board.

The task will be scheduled for the date or range of dates you initially selected.

Planning Dialog.png

The dates chosen determine the scheduled dates

4. Planning via Jira Issue Detail:

Schedule tasks directly from the Jira issue detail page, ensuring seamless alignment between Jira and your TimePlanner project management activities.

  1. Navigate to the Jira Issue you would like to plan and open its details.

  2. Click on the “Open TeamBoard TimePlanner option.

  1. Select "Add Plan" to initiate task scheduling within TimePlanner.

  2. Set the Start Date and End Date to define the task's duration (the overall timeline of the task). Specify the Hours/day to indicate the effort required per day for the task.

  3. Click “Plan” to finish.

Scheduling for Multiple Resources

  • Overcoming Jira Limitations: Unlike Jira, which restricts tasks to a single assignee, TimePlanner allows you to schedule one issue for multiple resources. This functionality is available when using app data for date fields, bypassing Jira's single-assignee limitation.

  • How to Assign a Task to Multiple Team Members:

Here are three efficient ways to assign a Jira issue to several users within TimePlanner:

1. Direct Scheduling from Jira Issue Details

  • Navigate to the Jira issue detail page you want to schedule.

  • Click on "Open TeamBoard TimePlanner" to access the scheduling features.

  • Select "Add Plan" and fill in the necessary details like Start Date, End Date, and Hours/day for the first assignee.

  • To add another team member to the same task, simply click "Add Plan" again and repeat the process, adjusting the dates and effort as needed for each additional assignee.

2. Using the Planning Dialog

  • Click on a specific date/range on the calendar, or right-click on an existing task and choose “Planning Detail” to open the Planning Dialog.

  • After entering or selecting the task details, proceed to add assignees by clicking on the “Add” button.

  • Choose additional assignees from the provided list.

  • Click “Plan” to finish.

The same task planned across the selected individuals

3. Via the “Assign more” option in the Task Card Menu

  • Locate the task card on your TimePlanner board.

  • Open the card menu by right-clicking on it, then choose "Assign more".

  • A list of assignable users will appear, allowing you to select multiple team members to assign the task to, facilitating collaborative task management.


Repetitive Planning

TimePlanner enables the scheduling of repetitive tasks, allowing you to assign the same task to a member with varying dates and working hours. To facilitate task repetition, you can:

  • Modify the Planning Date: Open the Planning Dialog by right-click to a task and choose the “Planning Detail” option, then simply update the planning date to schedule the task for another occurrence.

  • Plan Again on a New Date: Click on the calendar at your desired date, then search for and select the issue you wish to plan again, effectively duplicating the task for a new time frame.


Schedule in Jira issue detail: you can also schedule each task on the Jira issue detail page.

Task Planning History

View the history logs of your task planning to better track changes and adjustments over time.

To view the Task Planning History, go to Planning detail > History

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 15.31.09.png

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