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Board - Admin Settings

Board Settings:

Options available for the board admin settings are shown in the below snapshot.

  1. Allow Sprint Swimlane mode

  2. Allow Swimlane mode

  3. Enable Confluence integration

  4. Enable public sharing

  5. Maximum stories

  6. Allow editing active Sprints on Roadmap

a. Allow Sprint Swimlane Mode:

This option will enable sprint swimlane mode for the story mapping board. After enabling, the user can change to Sprint mode in the menu of user settings.

b. Allow No Swimlane mode:

This option will enable no swimlane mode for story mapping board. After enable the user can change to No swimlae mode in the menu of user settings.

c. Enable Confluence Integration:

Enabling Macro in Confluence for Story Mapping Board.

Refer: Confluence - User Story Map Macro

d. Enable Public Sharing:

Please see the document in the attached link.

Share Board

e. Maximum Stories:

The limit for a maximum number of stories can be added by adding the values in the input field in front of the maximum stories option.

f. Allow Editing Active Sprints on Roadmap:

To allow or disallow editing the active sprint on the Roadmap feature.

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