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Manage Test Executions via Test Case

The child pages are organized by how users can assign test environments to test execution:

Table of contents:

1. Overview

In the Test Executions tab, you will find a list of linked Test Executions with the Test Case. You can add, archive or remove Test Executions as needed.

2. Archive and restore a test execution

In order to archive a linked Test Execution out of the Test Case, simply click on button and select archive button in the Action column

3. Add new Test Executions

You can link new Test Executions by clicking on Execute in button, and select either New test execution or Existing test executions

4. Execution test

To run a specific execution test from the Execution Test list, simply click on the Run button corresponding to that test.

This will navigate your to test execution details page with the following info

  1. Preconditions: List of preconditions of this test

  2. Steps: List of test steps

  3. Result status: Result of the test. It can be In Progress, Passed, Failed, Blocked, Query, Skipped or Retest

  4. Return to Test Execution: Navigate to Test Execution Jira issue page

  5. Previous Test: Navigate to the previous test case

  6. Next Test: Navigate to the next test case

  7. Test information: Includes number of test cases for the current test execution, and percentage of cases that have passed


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