To manage Licenses, select Licenses menu item

The page shows a list of the all licenses.

You can create new ones, search, export, and edit or delete existing one.

Create a new License

Click on Create New button to navigate to Create License.

Fill in all mandatory fields and necessary information and click on Submit button to save

Update or delete a consumable

From the license list, you can click on Edit or Delete button on a license to update and delete it

Checkout a license

Checkout a license to a user or asset is to assign the license to that user or that asset

Clicking on Checkout button to navigate to Checkout License screen

License Details

Clicking on a License name to navigate to License Details screen

You can find info, seats and checkin/checkout of the selected license

License Info

All the related information of a specific license is shown here

License Seats

In this place, you can manage your license seats by checking in/checking out seats of the license to Assets or Users

Checkin & checkout History