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The "Teams" feature is the heartbeat of the TeamBoard TimePlanner, providing a framework for functional managers to lead their teams towards success. Through the creation, management, and tailored viewing of teams, this guide aims to unlock the full potential of your management capabilities within the TeamBoard ecosystem.

To Access Team Management: Navigate to the "Team" tab on the sidebar to open the team management dashboard.

1. View Your Teams

TeamBoard TimePlanner offers two intuitive viewing options for teams: the Block-by-Block View and the Listing View. These views allow you to customize how you see teams and their members, making it easier to navigate through your organization's structure. Here's how you can switch between these views and what each one offers:

1.1 Block-by-Block View

The Block-by-Block View presents each team as an individual block, providing a clear and detailed overview of team compositions at a glance.

  • How to Switch: Locate the view toggle buttons near the top of the Team Management dashboard. Click on the button symbolizing blocks to switch to the Block-by-Block View.

  • What You'll See: In this view, each team is displayed as a distinct block. Inside each block, you'll find the team's name at the top, followed by a list of team members. The team leader will be prominently highlighted within the list, making it easy to identify leadership at a glance.

1.2 Listing View

The Listing View organizes teams into a streamlined list, focusing on simplicity and quick access to team compositions through avatars.

  • How to Switch: Click on the button that suggests a list format to activate the Listing View.

  • What You'll See: Teams will be displayed in a list, with each entry showing the team's name followed by a horizontal display of members' avatars. This view allows for a quick scan of team compositions and is ideal for users who prefer a concise representation of teams.

2. Create a New Team

  • Hit the "Create a new team" button to initiate the process.

  • Enter a name for your team in the provided field.

  • After naming the new team, a new block will appear for you to customize. Click on “Add members” to add your team by typing their names or email addresses into the members' field. Suggestions will appear as you type, making it easy to select the right individuals.


3. Edit a Team

As your project evolves, you might need to update your team's composition or name. Follow these steps to make changes:

3.1 Find Your Team:

Within the Team Management dashboard, locate the team you wish to edit by scrolling or using the search function.

3.2 Edit Team Size:

  1. To change the team name, click on the name field and make your edits.

  2. Manage team members by clicking on the "Add Members" option. Here, you can invite new members as needed.

  3. To rearrange your team members, hover your mouse over the button adjacent to a member’s avatar, then simply drag and drop.

  4. To remove a member from a team, click on the button beside the member’s name and select "Delete".


4. Delete a Team

When a team's purpose is fulfilled:

  1. Find the Team: In the Team Management dashboard, identify the team slated for deletion.

  2. Proceed with Deletion: Hover your mouse over the identified team, and the Delete button will be shown. Click on it and confirm to ensure deliberate removal.

In the Block-by-block View

In the Listing View

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