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Timeline Overview

The Timeline feature allows users to create a visual representation of the task schedule for a project. This feature helps project managers and team members to track project progress, identify potential roadblocks and dependencies, and adjust the project plan accordingly.

The timeline displays tasks with Issue hierarchy in Jira, start and end dates, duration, and other relevant information. It provides a clear overview of the project schedule, making it easier to understand and communicate project status to stakeholders.

Timeline menu

  1. Full-screen mode: click on the button to maximize the Timeline view to full screen

  2. Today button: click on it to move the timeline focus to the current day.

  3. View mode: you can select Weeks, Months or Quarters view

  4. Refresh: retrieve the latest data and update the timeline in case you don’t want to refresh the whole page

  5. View settings: customize the display of the timeline

  • Show completed tickets

  • Column divider: show or not show the divider between columns

  • Lazy load: when it is ON the Issues list will load more when scrolling down, in case it is OFF all Issues will be loaded asynchronously in the background

  • Highlight weekend

  • Show issue key: show issue key on the Timeline bar or not

  • Show issue summary: show the issue summary on the bar or not

  • Show details tooltip: the tooltip with all information about the task

  • Show progress

Timeline toolbar

  1. Search : search for Issue using summary or Issue key

  2. Hierarchy: enable or disable the Issue hierarchy, when being disabled all the Issues in the table are flat

  3. Expand all: expand all the dependencies when the hierarchy is ON

  4. Collapse all: collapse all the dependencies when the hierarchy is ON

  5. Sorting: sort by Issue key, Summary, start date, end date and fixVersions

  6. Filter: enable or disable quick filters

  7. Export: export Issues to the Excel file

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