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Product FAQs

How to know we are planning within capacity?

Workload with heat map, each color will tell you your planned tasks compared to working capacity.

How to manage resources with planning tasks and tracking time log over multiple projects

Program in ProScheduler will meet this requirement, one program includes multiple projects and provides a detailed report for each project in the report tab.

Are there any different way to plan tasks (except planning via TeamBoard App)
Are there any different way to log time for tasks (except planning via TeamBoard App)
Want to create an issue but it does not belong to Jira ticket

TeamBoard support users to create an Event in the schedule board

Instead of using default sorting, how can we sorting or filter other custom field components?

TeamBoard supports users to custom filter by using JQL

If I start using the tool in the trial period and then resolve to move forward with the purchase, will the data inserted within the trial be available afterwards?

If you continue to use on the same instance, the data are still available

How to Adding a field into issue screen?

Found details on this page

How to make sure Teamboard sync well with Jira’s data?

Found details on this page

TeamBoard ProScheduler is integrated natively with TimePlanner?

Found details on this page

How to Access TeamBoard feature via API?

We do not expose our API at this time, sorry that we can not fulfill your request. However, we are discussing and considering exposing REST API in the future.

What is different between Proshcheduler and TimePlanner for Jira?

ProScheduler is focused on resource planning and project management, whereas TimePlanner is focused on team management and capacity planning. Read this Blog for more detail

For additional questions, create a ticket to our support desk, and we will assist you as best we can


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