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Getting Started

1. Install and access AgileTest

Search and install AgileTest in the Atlassian marketplace. In the search box, search AgileTest keyword

After navigating to AgileTest app page by selecting the app thumbnail, click on Get it now button

2. AgileTest setup

Only Jira admins have permissions to manage these configurations

After installing AgileTest, there are some configurations you might need to ensure before using the app.

In Jira manage your apps, find AgileTest section to manage Test Environments, Test Step Fields and Configurations

2.1 Test Environments

A test environment refers to the setup or infrastructure required to execute software testing activities. It is a controlled and separate environment specifically created to perform testing and ensure that the software functions as expected.

By having dedicated and well-managed test environments, you can conduct testing in a controlled and realistic setting, facilitating the identification of defects and ensuring the quality of the software before it is deployed to the live production environment.

In order to add a new Test Environment, click on + Test Environment button. Then fill in desired information, and click on Create button

2.2 Test Step fields

In software testing, a test step is a specific action or instruction performed during the execution of a test case. It outlines the individual steps that need to be taken to validate a particular aspect of the software's functionality or behavior. Each test step provides clear and concise guidance on what needs to be done to execute the test case accurately.

AgileTest supports 3 default test steps including Action, Data and Expected Result

You can also create and manage your own custom test step fields.

Create new Test Step Fields

In order to create a new test step field, click on + Test Step Field button. Then follow below steps in the Create Test Step Field dialog

  • Select appropriate format from the field type list which consists of Text, Toggle Switch, Select, Date Picker, Number, User Picker, Radio Button and Date Range.

  • Input your desired field name

  • Add field description

  • Check Required if you want to mark the field as required

Manage your Test Step Fields

In the Test Step Fields list, you can disable, edit or delete a specific field by clicking on (3 dots) button

2.3 Configuration

In this page, you can enable/disable AgileTest Jira panel for some particular projects.

With AgileTest enabled in a specific project, you will find AgileTest information displayed in a Jira project issue, as shown below

3. User roles and permissions

3.1 Admins

AgileTest admins reflects to Jira admins for company projects and project admins for team projects

AgileTest admins have full permissions to manage and setup his own AgileTest projects including Project Settings, AgileTest Coverage, Miscellaneous and Issue Type Mapping which can be found in AgileTest Settings in the left side menu panel

3.2 Project team members

Project team members who have access to a specific project will also have access to AgileTest of that project. All members will have permissions to create, update and manage their own Test Scripts, Test Sessions, and Test Managements

4. Exploring AgileTest features

AgileTest is a full-featured test management for all testing strategies & QA teams. AgileTest consists of 4 main test functionalities

4.1 Test Scripts

AgileTest Scripts provides a quick and efficient way to write test scripts and checklists using the editor. It allows you to execute the tests and record the results seamlessly within the script.

4.2 Test Sessions

The Agile Test Session is utilized for managing test sessions and ad-hoc tests, enabling fast-release cycles and continuous delivery.

4.3 Test Case Management

Test case management refers to the process of planning, organizing, executing, and reporting manual testing activities for software applications. It involves managing and coordinating the various tasks, resources, and artifacts related to manual testing.

4.4 Test Automation

Automation test management refers to the process of planning, organizing, executing, and tracking automated testing activities for software applications. It involves managing and coordinating the various tasks, resources, and artifacts related to automated testing. Automation test management aims to streamline and optimize the execution of automated tests, ensuring efficient and effective testing of software systems.

5. Support

Please reach out to our Support Desk if you have any questions, requests, defect reports, feature recommendations, etc.

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