AssetIT Reports allow you to build your own reports of your assets and other resources with conditions and custom of fields selection.

Custom reports can be saved and run in the Reports page

All Reports

In All Reports section, you can see all public reports and your private reports

Report Builder

You can create a new Report Builder or select one from All Reports to run

There are 3 sections in the Report Builder: Report Title, Report Design and Select Fields to Display

Report Title

Input a report title, and if you want to make it privately, check to Private checkbox.

Only owners and admins can view and delete private reports.

Report Design

Design your own report by selecting an resource from Assets, Accessories, Licenses, Consumables or Components

Then add appropriate conditions


“Show Assets where Asset Model name contains Macbook, and Purchased in the last 7 days”

Select fields to display

In this section, you can select and default fields and custom fields that you want to display or export in the report

Report Results

After the report is designed, you can click on Run Report to see the report results